Our programs for parents and caregivers provide education, tools, and resources in a range of languages. Connect with individualized support so you and your family feel empowered.

Please connect with us or stop by our centers to learn more about our wide range of programs for parents and families. And to see our current schedule, visit our Program Calendar.

Case Management

  • Work with a case manager to create an individualized plan for your needs.
  • Access tools to help you make positive changes and increase stability in your life.

  • Receive support and resources to help you find assistance with childcare, schooling, housing, employment, and basic family needs.

  • To refer a client to receive Case Management services from Family Connections staff, use the button below:

Educational Workshops

  • We offer workshops on a range of topics, including children’s developmental stages, modeling positive behavior, strategies to advocate for you and your child, and ways to promote school readiness at home.

  • Enroll in our educational series: Nurturing Parents, Linking for School Success, and Family Economic Success.

  • To find and register for our workshops, visit our Program Calendar page.

Family Support Groups

  • Support Groups provide a space for parents/caregivers to connect with one another and build relationships.

  • Meet with family support staff and other parents/caregivers to:

    • discuss concerns and share tips and resources
    • explore parenting and child development topics
    • grow your network of support and community connections
  • Support Groups are offered in Cantonese, Vietnamese, English, and Spanish. (View the current schedule here.)

Parent Advisory Board

  • Community members are welcome to join our Parent Advisory Board.

  • This forum is a space to:

    • provide feedback and guidance on Family Connections’ programs and services
    • plan community events and celebrations
    • advocate for families’ needs in the community
    • build leadership skills
  • We host Parent Advisory Board meetings in Spanish, Cantonese, and English for both the Portola and Excelsior centers.

Parenting Classes

  • Parenting Classes are evidence-based and interactive, designed to help caregivers strengthen their relationships with their children.

  • Parents learn how to model positive behavior, improve their child’s cooperation, and decrease their parental stress.

  • We offer ongoing series of classes, such as 1-2-3 Magic, as well as one-time workshops for families.

Prenatal Series

  • Our Prenatal Series consists of workshops and hands-on classes led by Family Connections’ staff, nurses, and doulas.

  • The series is designed to help moms with a healthy pregnancy and the development of skills to care for their new babies.

  • Participants receive self-care and baby-care items to take home and develop connections with a community of other parents.

Community Events

  • Throughout the year, we host events for families to socialize, celebrate culture, create art projects, and have fun in a welcoming environment.

  • Our Community Events include:

    • Lunar New Year
    • Halloween
    • Winter Holiday Celebration
    • Movie nights
    • Family field trips
  • Visit our Program Calendar to view the upcoming events.

Grocery Program

  • Each month, we host two food distribution days for families to pick up free bags of fresh produce and grocery items.

  • Please contact family_support@fccenters.org to learn more about how to participate in our Grocery Program.

Diaper Bank and PPE Distribution

  • Our priority is to keep our community safe and protected, with the items they need for their family.