Join our Board of Directors!

The Board of Directors shares a passion for our mission and an interest in guiding Family Connections’ work. We have openings on our Board for individuals that are eager to guide decisions, provide input, and celebrate the work that we do.
Excelsior/Portola residents or business owners, attorneys, financial advisors, educators, parents and caregivers, real estate agents, and people in tech are all encouraged to apply! No previous board experience is required.
If you are interested in joining our Board, please fill out the application below:

Carolyn Abate

Board Co-chair
Editor • Callisto Media

Carolyn joined the Family Connections Board in 2015. Carolyn is a non-fiction book editor. She works on manuscripts on the topics of wellness, mental health, food, and nutrition. Prior to her current position, Carolyn was a freelance editor and writer. Carolyn was born and raised in the Bay Area and has called San Francisco home for more than 25 years. She lives in Bernal Heights with her husband, three children, and their family dog, Tanner.

“I support Family Connections because I believe in their cause – supporting San Francisco families. I’m in awe of the depth and breadth of their services – from free preschool to parenting classes to homework club. They truly understand what their community needs and are always striving to make deeper, more meaningful connections – no pun intended – for all of the families that the centers serve.”

“My favorite children’s book is The Runny Babbit, by Shel Silverstein.”

Mark Snyder

Board Co-chair
Storyteller • ServiceNow

Mark has been on Family Connections’ Board since 2016 and has a lengthy background in working with nonprofit organizations and marginalized communities. Mark is Storyteller for ServiceNow, developing and sharing stories of the agency’s impact. Mark was previously Communications Manager for Gap Inc. and Director of Communications for Equality Federation, where his role included strategic messaging, brand awareness, media relations, and movement building.

“Family Connections provides immediate and long-term tangible impacts on the lives of children and their families. This foundation creates healthier communities and the ripple effect of it is impossible to measure. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the lives of children and families improve and to see them more empowered and prepared for their futures.”

“My favorite book is The Sissy Duckling by Harvey Fierstein. As a child, I was bullied and called a sissy. I love how the duckling and his family end up finding strength and pride in being sensitive and caring.”

Chris Bunting

Board Secretary
Engineering Manager • Twitter

Chris Bunting is a software engineer, radio host, and avid outdoor enthusiast. Residing in Northern California for much of his life, he spent eight summers working for the Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks Department beginning as a volunteer and concluding as the Director of Camp for Doyle Adventure Camp. Between participating in community building endeavors such as the Market Street Prototyping Festival and his weekly radio program, Roll Over Easy, he’s found joy in learning about the Bay Area’s rich history, ideas, and people that make this slice of Earth so special.

“I joined the Family Connections Board of Directors in September 2018. I support FCC because it’s an outstanding organization focused on developing strong, healthy families and building thriving communities. Over the past 3+ years, I am constantly impressed by the community outreach, quality of education, and wonderful staff! I love Family Connection Centers and the positive impact they have on the communities they participate in.”

Goodnight Moon, written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd is my favorite children’s book. It’s a book my parents read to me countless times during my childhood, and it always brings back fond memories.”

Roy Hom

Board Treasurer
Patent Agent • Mintz

Roy Hom joined the Family Connections’ Board in 2019, adding his knowledge of the Excelsior neighborhood where he formerly resided to his professional expertise. Roy is a Patent Agent at Mintz et al., who focuses his practice on US and international patent prosecution and counseling for life science companies and academic institutions. Roy holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry and is listed as co-inventor on more than 20 patent applications and 18 issued US patents.

“I love FCC’s programs, which are so well-run, invested in the community, and provided in multiple languages. FCC provides fantastic support for families and children, regardless of economic status.”

“My favorite children’s book is Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak because it is fun! I loved Max’s fantastical worlds in which he played.”

Ellen Garcia

Program Manager • EatSF, UCSF

Ellen Garcia is a community nutrition and nutrition education pro, with a special passion for advancing food security in San Francisco. Ellen was first introduced to Family Connections when teaching a cooking class for their kids on behalf of the nutrition education nonprofit, Leah’s Pantry. (She made a green smoothie with the afterschool kids, and they all tried it!) Over the years she has returned again and again, both in a professional capacity as a cooking teacher and Senior Program Manager with the San Francisco Marin Food Bank, and in a personal capacity, first as a neighbor on San Bruno Avenue and ultimately as a parent. She currently manages the EatSF produce prescription program housed at UCSF. Ellen is an avid home cook, occasional banjo player, and proud SFUSD mom.

“I love the Family Resource Center model, which supports caregivers in addition to kids. I have experienced firsthand the difference this makes because my husband and I work long hours in food service and nonprofits, and our extended family lives far away. The programming and wonderful sense of community provided by Family Connections has definitely helped us stay in San Francisco to raise our son. He has attended Next Steps, preschool, afterschool, summer enrichment, and countless holiday celebrations at the Portola center. It’s a great feeling to walk down San Bruno Avenue and have so many people wave or say hi because they recognize us from Portola Family Connections. I am thrilled to contribute to this organization that brings neighborhoods together!”

“I love Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst. In this book, elementary schooler Alexander wakes up grumpy and faces one emotional or moral challenge after another, all day. He is unsure how to fit in. He fantasizes that his life would be easier if he lived in Australia, but his mom knows the truth! I really identified with Alexander as a kid, because when you’re a kid and you’re unhappy, everyone tries to fix it or talk you out of it. But the truth is that we all have tough days and even days we’re grumpy for no good reason. The book is a funny reminder that good mental health means accepting occasional difficulty and unhappiness, not avoiding it.”

Robyn King

Campus Director • FACES SF

Robyn is an Oakland native and the Campus Director at FACES SF in Bayview, where her focus is on resurrecting programs and services to meet the needs of the community. She has an extensive background in Early Childhood Education, which began 30 years ago when she opened Toybox Tots, an accredited home-based preschool. Since then, Robyn has founded a nonprofit and held various positions in Alameda & Contra Costa counties that have prepared her to be a contributor to FCC. She is deeply committed to serving as a catalyst for positive change for families and children. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting, interior decorating, hosting, and hanging with her girls.

“I support FCC because of their dedication to children and parents/caregivers in SF. I am committed to utilizing my knowledge to assist Family Connections in reaching its goals of providing equitable experiences and opportunities to families.”

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is my favorite book because it mirrors my upbringing and beliefs. To give to others without expectation of a return, without critique, and to be able to give completely [continuously] is a true gift. It resonates with a mother’s heart (mine) of unconditional love.”

Reanna Tong

Planner • City and County of San Francisco

Reanna is a planner with a passion for community development, engagement, transportation, and maps. She grew up in the Portola and attended schools in Chinatown, the Marina, and the Richmond. Reanna stays active in the Portola in the hopes of making it enjoyable and safe, especially for the many immigrant family households and young people. Catch her running the streets of San Francisco or collecting stories of her experiences on Muni.

“During my time serving on the neighborhood association in the Portola, I had a chance to partner with Family Connections Centers’ staff and see the wonderful work they do firsthand. The core of Family Connections is an understanding that supporting families does not only mean providing an amazing space and program for young people to play and learn, but providing for everyone involved in their lives. My favorite part of FCC is their dedication to making programs and the environment accessible, meaningful, and safe for everyone.”

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O’Brien will always have a special place on my list of childhood books! My fifth-grade teacher read this to us during reading time and it always transported us to another world from the perspective of a mouse and animals. Also, almost any book or item that appeared on a Scholastic Book Order Form!”