Our Early Childhood Education provides a continuum of care, beginning at birth. These multi-generational programs are led by skilled staff in supportive learning environments so that children and parents/caregivers can grow together.

We offer free and reduced-rate programs so that all families have access to high-quality early childhood education. Visit our Program Calendar to see our current schedule of classes. Give us a call (415.715.6746) or email us to learn more and enroll!

0-14 Months + Caregiver: Tummy Time Playgroup

  • Tummy Time is a playgroup is for parents/caregivers to interact with their babies and build new connections with other families.

  • Participants will learn how babies develop social, emotional, and motor skills.

  • Parents and caregivers will gain new tools to support the healthy development of their child.

6-36 Months + Caregiver: First Steps Playgroup

  • In the First Steps playgroup, families work together to build healthy attachment and bonding.

  • Teachers provide support so that children can continue to develop their cognitive and emotional skills, while building friendships with the other children.

  • Activities include free play time, literacy education, arts and crafts, dancing, games, and snack time.

3-4 Years + Caregiver: Pop N’ Play

  • Pop N’ Play is a program for children and their parents/caregivers to have fun together.
  • Activities focus on pre-literacy, arts, crafts, and family bonding.
  • This is a great starting point to introduce you and your child to our collaborative learning programs and prepare for preschool.

3-4 Years + Caregiver: Next Steps

  • Next Steps is a 15-week, in-depth and hands-on program for children to engage in structured activities and learn skills that prepare them for preschool.

  • Families are led by child development specialists and teachers who model positive child interactions and healthy attachment.

  • Parents/caregivers learn parenting skills to support their child’s development, and gain connection in a supportive environment.

3-5 Years: Preschool

  • Our Preschool is an academic and play-based program taught by bilingual and credentialed teachers, providing a balanced curriculum to prepare children for kindergarten.

  • Our classroom activities are child-centered, providing space for children to express their creativity.

  • Teachers work to strengthen children’s social-emotional skills to become independent and inquisitive learners.