Family Connections Centers opened our doors in 1993 in response to a survey of residents in the Portola neighborhood that overwhelmingly expressed a need for family support services. Ever since, our center in Portola serves as a gathering space for children and their families to connect with one another and find education and resources.

In 2003, recognizing a growing need in the neighboring community of Excelsior, Family Connections conducted a needs assessment. The results highlighted the concentration of low-income families and the scarcity of family support services. After extensive work with Excelsior community members, local partners and regional officers, and Family Connections Centers’ staff and board, a full range of programming was offered in both Excelsior and Portola.

We are proud to own and welcome children and families at our two beautiful centers in the Portola and Excelsior. We became the official owners of 2565 San Bruno Avenue in 2007. In the spring of 2019, 5016 Mission Street opened its doors as the permanent, new home of our Excelsior center.

As Family Connections Centers continues to adapt to the needs of families in both neighborhoods, our focus remains on supporting children and adults with the care and support they need to thrive.