Building Meaningful Connections

Our Family Support Groups are vibrant places to build community. The groups are led by dedicated team members, Samantha, Ally, Yadira, Derek, Cheryl, and Javier – all of whom build activities around the individual needs and interests of families.

In these weekly groups, you can find participants learning new practices for relaxation and stress management, chopping ingredients and cooking a meal together, and sharing moments from their day for support and guidance.

“And now that we’re moms, we have the opportunity to learn and know more, to correct things, or to do some things differently.”

One of our Latino/a Support Groups uses their time together to delve deeper into their understanding of themselves and their children through a book club focused on parenting and child development. Samantha, Lead Case Manager and the Group facilitator, gave each participant a copy of Tu Hijo, Tu Espejo: Un Libro para Padres Valientes by Martha Alicia Chavez. Reading together and listening to excerpts of the audiobook, they reflect on each chapter through their own experiences.

And this is their second book together, after completing El Cerebro del Niño Explicado a Los Padres by Dr. Alvaro Bilbao. Participants have shared how impactful the Book Club has been for them. Recently, one shared that they enjoy the class because it invites them to share different points of view and anecdotes from their childhood with others. “I love the book – I think that the majority of the book’s themes coincide with our own experiences. And now that we’re moms, we have the opportunity to learn and know more, to correct things, or to do some things differently.”*

Another participant noted how much she loves that she can follow along with the audiobook readings at home, learning from the conversations that are generated through the group listening.** And each support group is unique, guided by the participants within it. Recently, Derek’s Chinese Support Group learned to make Vietnamese spring rolls, a participant in Cheryl’s support group led everyone in a papaya salad-making class, Ally and her participants practiced self-care activities, Yadira’s group learned to craft piñatas together, and Javier and his group went on a field trip for boba tea and conversation.

Family Connections offers five support groups each week.
Registration is not required and adults of all ages are welcome to join. If you are interested in learning more, contact us!

*Translated from the Spanish: “Me gusta la clase de lectura por que creo que muchos no tenemos el hábito de leer, de compartir con más personas ciertos puntos de vista y anécdotas de su infancia o situaciones actuales. Me encanta el libro – creo muchos coincidimos en la mayoría de los temas y ahora que somos mamás tenemos la oportunidad de saber más, corregir o hacer algunas cosas diferente.”

**Translated from the Spanish: “Me gustaría que sugieran estás clases porque me gusta mucho como redactan los libros y uno escucha. Me encanta porque en mi casa me dan un libro no lo sé leer, y yo he aprendido mucho.”