Reaching Goals through Family Support

Our Family Support team works one-on-one with families to understand their needs and build the necessary supports for them to succeed. Many of the children and adults we support are English language learners, so our staff work in families’ home languages and connect them with translated resources.  

A recent participant and mother of two was able to reach her goal of improving her English skills, using a laptop that Family Connections provided. During the Shelter in Place Order, she needed to communicate with her children’s teachers more often and could not do this without improving her language skills. She was unable to advocate for her children or ensure they had the necessary support to succeed in school. 

But using the FCC laptop, she enrolled in ESL and basic technology classes at the Community College of San Francisco. Now, she is able to connect to parent/teacher meetings, and sessions offered by CCSF, and follow up with her children’s homework.  

She told a member of our Family Support team, “I feel like I belong now, because before I felt that I was disconnected from my children.” In addition to supporting each of their work and school needs, they’re able to find new ways to connect as a family. They use the laptop to search for fun recipe videos on YouTube, which they cook (and eat) together at home.