Concoctions 🧪 (Summer Academic Enrichment)

Concoctions: Explore science, arts, cooking, and more with hands-on projects. Kids will get their hands messy in slime and pizza dough, engineer structures using recycled materials, and conduct exciting science experiments. Brebajes: Explore la ciencia, las artes, la cocina y más con proyectos divertidos. Los niños se ensuciarán las manos con lodo y masa de pizza,

Inventors! (Summer Academic Enrichment)

Inventors: In the Inventor’s Workshop, children will use their imagination to design, plan, and build new inventions. From catapult launches to rocket construction, they will grow their skills in science, technology, arts, math, and literacy. Nhà phát minh: Trong khóa học phát minh, trẻ em sẽ sử dụng trí tưởng tượng của mình để thiết