Sheltering with Care

“This past weekend, Family Connections was set to host their first Teddy Bear Run, a health-related fundraising event designed to bring community members together. While it isn’t possible to hold events like that at this time, we are very proud of all that Family Connections is doing to bring the community together in spite of COVID-19. First Steps parent Shu Ping Liu wrote earlier about how much the virtual programming Family Connections is providing means to her and her family. This is why we continue developing and providing needed programming – because it makes a difference.

Just two months ago we couldn’t have envisioned providing virtual programming for all ages. But the need was there, and Family Connections rose to meet it.”-Carolyn Abate and Mark Snyder, Board Co-Chairs

We hope that you will join us in contributing to the work being done on computer screens and phone lines, individually and in groups, to strengthen families and build community.

With your help, we can continue providing needed services. In order to keep our commitment to serving children and families during this crisis, Family Connections has set a goal of $10,000 for supplies and resources to keep our programs successful. Your donation today is critical to continue this work.

  • $10 can purchase a student activity kit
  • $50 can cover the cost of an in-home learning kit and books for children to continue literacy development
  • $100 can provide a child in our Early Care and Education programs a tablet to participant in virtual programs 
  • $250 can provide support from a mental health professional working with children and families 
  • $500 purchases a Chromebook for a school-aged child to participate in on-line classes and receive homework help

These are just a few of the real costs that Family Connections has absorbed while serving the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are asking for your support during this critical time. Please join us in supporting those in need. Your donation will have a lasting impact on the hundreds of children and families we continue to serve.

Thank you for your support!