School-Age Education

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Homework Club  •   Club de Tarea  •  家庭功課輔導班

Homework Club is a K–5th grade after-school program with an emphasis on literacy and academics. Children receive help with their homework, snacks and outdoor play, as well as recreational and art activities.

Saturday Chinese School  •    Escuela de Chino de los Sábados  •  星期六中文班

Saturday Chinese School is taught by bilingual teachers. Chinese language instruction is in Mandarin and includes speaking and writing. Three levels are available, offered in the morning and afternoon.

Summer Academic Enrichment
Programa de Enriquecimiento Académico de Verano   •   暑期學術充實課程

Summer Academic Enrichment (SAE) provides an energetic, academic curriculum for kids in kindergarten through 5th grade that includes reinforcement of literacy and math skills combined with exciting recreational and arts activities. Children explore the arts and sciences, sports and recreation, nature, and reading through hands-on activities and weekly field trips.