School-Age Education

During the COVID-19 pandemic we are meeting the needs of our participants and supporting our community in various ways. Through distance learning, virtual family support, wellness check-ins, individualized case management and advocacy and providing resources to families to stay connected and shelter with care. For a snapshot of what we’re doing this month check out our calendar

Community Hub Initiative (P)

The Community Hubs Initiative is a neighborhood-based programs that supports children, youth, and families with distance learning, provide enrichment and physical activities, and support youth with their social-emotional development. Community Hubs are not a replacement for schools. They are designed to support the SFUSD distance learning curriculum and to ensure children and youth have the in- person supports needed to be successful. To learn more about this initiative visit:

Homework Club

Homework Club is a K–5th grade after-school program with an emphasis on literacy and academics. Children receive help with their homework, snacks and outdoor play, as well as recreational and art activities.

Saturday Chinese School

Saturday Chinese School is taught by bilingual teachers. Chinese language instruction is in Mandarin and includes speaking and writing. Three levels are available, offered in the morning and afternoon.

Summer Academic Enrichment

Summer Academic Enrichment (SAE) provides an energetic, academic curriculum for kids in 1st–5th grade that includes reinforcement of literacy and math skills combined with exciting recreational and arts activities. Children explore the arts and science, sports and recreation, nature and books through hands-on activities and weekly field trips.