Early Childhood Education

For enrollment information and the status/locations of programs, please call (415) 715-6746 or email info@fccenters.org. Read more about our COVID-19 protocol.
For a snapshot of what we’re doing this month, check out our monthly calendar.


Tummy Time   •   La Hora de la Pancita

Tummy Time is a playgroup is for families with babies 0–14 months old. Parents/caregivers interact with their babies and other families, while learning how babies develop social, emotional, and motor skills.

First Steps   •   Primeros Pasos  •   幼兒班

First Steps is a playgroup for families with children 6–36 months old. Parents/caregivers are supported as they engage with their children, working to build healthy attachment and bonding. Children gain social, emotional, and cognitive skills, as well as friendships with the other children. Led by skilled teachers, First Steps’ activities include free play, literacy, crafts, dancing, circle time, snacks, and more.

First Steps Schedule:
(2565 San Bruno Avenue)    Mondays and Fridays   11:00-11:30am
Excelsior (5016 Mission Street)    Wednesdays   11:00-11:30am
First Steps is currently in-person. Social distancing and masks required.


Next Steps   •   Los Siguientes Pasos   •   學前預備班

Next Steps is a 15-week hands-on program for families with children 3–4 years old. Child development specialists and teachers model positive child interactions and healthy attachment. Parents/caregivers learn skills for supporting their child’s development and preschool readiness, while children practice daily routines and have preschool readiness activities.

Preschool   •   Pre-escolar  •  幼稚园

Our licensed Preschool is a balance between an academic and play-based program. In a child-centered classroom, this creative curriculum prepares children for kindergarten and teachers strengthen children’s social-emotional skills to become independent and inquisitive learners. Our preschool was awarded 5 stars on the Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) rating system by First 5 San Francisco. (Click here to learn more about the QRIS rating system.)

Pre-K Fall Schedule:
August 16th to December 17th    Monday through Friday
Options of Morning Program (9am-12pm) or Afternoon Program (1-4pm)
Pre-K is currently in-person. Social distancing and masks required.

Pop N Play  •   Programa de Enriquecimiento Académico  •  暑期樂繽紛

Pop N Play is a program for 3-4 years old children and their parents/caregivers to focus on pre-literacy, arts, crafts, and bonding. The half-day program takes place three days per week and is a great starting point to introduce you and your child to a summer program.

Pop N Play Schedule:
August 9th – 27th  •  Monday, Wednesday, Friday  •  10-10:45am
Pop N Play is currently held virtually via Zoom.