Health & Wellness

During the COVID-19 pandemic we are meeting the needs of our participants and supporting our community in various ways. Through distance learning, virtual family support, wellness check-ins, individualized case management and advocacy and providing resources to families to stay connected and shelter with care. 

Exercise Programs

Family Connections offers Exercise Classes and physical activity opportunities for all our participants to help them recognize and find the balance between eating well and keeping their bodies active and in shape. Adult exercise classes range from Yoga to Zumba, to Tai Chi and Chair Yoga, and exercise for children is standard throughout all of our programs.

Foods for a Healthy Life

Family Connections has designed this program to provide information and tools that support our families in developing healthier, more plant-focused eating habits that address childhood obesity and improve health outcomes. We focus on the connection between diet and nutrition and disease prevention, empowering families to take a holistic approach to their health.

In addition to cooking demonstrations and education on how and what to look for when shopping (farmers’ market, organic, gluten free, etc), FC offers cooking classes to adults and youth to allow families to directly understand how to prepare and cook fruits/vegetables, whole grains, and alternative proteins. These workshops provide information, support and encouragement to help families make a switch from unhealthy eating habits, and to help them in making good choices around nutrition.

Wellness Strategies

Family Connections provides health and nutrition education and physical activity opportunities to children ages 4-11 to decrease the likelihood of obesity and raise awareness of healthy choices. We work to increase awareness of how eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise helps to prevent obesity and disease, as well as increasing overall wellbeing.

We use BMI testing to inform families of what a healthy weight is for them and their children/grandchildren and we provide Keratin fruit and vegetable screening of children as well. Family Connections also provides workshops on such topics as dental care and flu prevention, and coordinates with the public health nurse to offer flu shots to program participants.