Family Support

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Case Management

Case Management is available to community members. A dedicated advocate works with the parent/caregiver on an individualized service plan to move toward stability. Assistance is available with childcare, schools, housing, employment, and basic family needs. Clients work with case managers to create plans, set goals and make positive changes in their lives.

Community Events

Community Events provide opportunities for families to socialize, network, share culture and have fun in a safe, welcoming environment! These events include arts and crafts, games, entertainment and refreshments. Be on the look out for Lunar New Year, Halloween, Winter Holiday, movie nights, field trips and more!

Educational Workshops

Educational Workshops are offered on a variety of topics help parents/caregivers learn about their children’s developmental stages, strategies to promote school readiness at home, school enrollment, positive behavior, how to advocate for their children in school, family economic stability, and more.

Family Connections offers three ongoing series of workshops in multiple languages:

      • Nurturing Parents provides parents/caregivers with information about child development along with strategies and techniques they can use at home to promote emotional health and school readiness;

      • Linking for School Success series promotes school success including school enrollment, bullying prevention and response, children’s use of social media, and preparing for college; and

      • Family Economic Success series supports families with financial knowledge and ability to navigate within various financial institutions—from banks and credit unions to government service agencies.

Support Groups

Support Groups are held weekly to provide parents/caregivers an opportunity to discuss concerns, share tips and explore parenting and child development topics through workshops, expert-led presentations and cultural activities.

Parent Advisory Board

The Parent Advisory Board is held monthly for parents/ caregivers to share knowledge about community resources, provide feedback on programs and services, plan community events, advocate for parents’ needs in the community, and build leadership skills.

Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes help parents/caregivers encourage positive behavior in children and strengthen relationships. In this evidence-based, interactive program, parents learn how to improve their children’s cooperation, reduce misbehavior and decrease parental stress.

Pre-Natal Series

Our Pre-Natal Series consists of workshops and hands-on classes led by nurses, doulas and staff on topics to help moms have a healthy pregnancy and adopt best practices to care for a healthy baby. Participants receive self-care and baby-care items to take home.