Do you remember the first time you visited a supermarket, taking in all the bright fruits and vegetables?

The Pre-K class has been learning about fruits, vegetables, and how to build healthy eating habits. But to deepen their knowledge and ground their understanding in first-hand experiences, they took a field trip to our local grocery store. With clipboards of pictures of fruit and vegetables in hand, they made their way through the aisles, matching images to the produce on display.

They held kiwis and compared them to watermelons that were bigger than their heads, curious about each fruit’s smell and taste. Once they matched their bingo cards, Ms. Teresa and Ms. Consuelo took a sample back to the classroom for snacktime, cutting up vegetables and blending fruit into smoothies.

Children loved watching the bananas mix down into liquids, and brought their excitement home with them that day, sharing with families a new enthusiasm for healthy foods.

One Pre-K parent commented on her son’s new love for vegetables:

“I wanted to share how he applies his lessons with you in his life. He asked if we could buy even more vegetables… I thought [the veggie platter] would last a while and wasn’t sure if he would really eat the celery and broccoli, but he ate the whole platter in two days!”

Family Connections’ programs regularly incorporate nutrition education, cooking classes, and programs that encourage the development of healthy habits. You can learn more about our Pre-K program here.