Thank You, Ms. Julyann!

Ms. Juylann has been a part of the fabric of Family Connections for 26+ years! On June 2, she ends her time with us and enters retirement. Though we can’t imagine programs without her, we’re so excited for this next chapter in her life.

Julyann was born and raised in Taiwan and moved to San Francisco in 1976. She received her associate degree in Early Childhood Education, working with children with special needs. In 1997, she began her career as a teacher, working both as a Chinese Instructor at a private school and in Family Connections Centers’ early childhood program. She has supported a range of FCC’s early childhood and K-5 programs over her time with the organization.

Over the years, Ms. Julyann has brought her tremendous creativity, silliness, and gentle care to programs. We’ll miss you, Ms. Julyann!