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Family meal preparation will allow children to share stories of the foods you ate growing up and to celebrate your culture and heritage by passing down recipes. Also, children will be more open to trying new foods. Children will use their language, math, and science skills and of course, their five senses.

全家一起做飯可以讓您和孩子們 分享您成長過程中翅的食物的故 事,並通過傳承食譜來慶 祝您的文化遺產。它還鼓勵孩 子們嘗試新食物。在這個工作坊 中,孩子們將練習他們的語 言、數學和科學技能,當然還 有!– 他們的五種感官。

語言/ language: Cantonese/粵語
註冊/ to register: Gary, gyu@fccenters.org

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